Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BIG UPs: Cafe Beltran - Williamsburg

I put whole milk in my coffee, not Haterade, so I like to give big ups where deserved.  And it's deserved for Café Betran on Woodpoint Rd in Williamsburg, since they did have Sweet 'N Low.  I really doubted it walking in - it has all the trappings on a SNL-free zone: teeny tiny space, spartan décor, and irregular hours (they once told my friend they're open "whatever days we can").  But to my delight, there were those pink packets! 

However, they did NOT have Equal, which if I were a fair-minded person I'd say is just as bad as not having Sweet'N Low.  But hey.  This blog is about one thing and one thing only:  Sweet'N Low.  If I were to be kvetching about the lack of Equal, this blog be called something really catching like "All Things Created Equal" or "Equality NOW!".  So let's just take our pleasures where we can get them.

Because I'm into you, Café Beltran, let me give you a piece of advice:  when I Google searched you, trying to find a good pic to use for this post, the only stuff that comes up for your name is your bad restaurant inspection details (no toilet paper apparently).  Do yourself a favor and plunk down $10 for a domain name and set up a free Blogger account or something to act as your website so a bad inspection notice isn't the only thing on the internet about you.


Cafe Betran
135 Woodpoint Rd at Withers St.

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