Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cute Alert: Sweet'N Low Dollhouse Miniature

One of the most satisfying toys I had as a child was a huge victorian style dollhouse that my mother and I assembled together from a kit.  I loved the tiny miniature furniture and accessories.  Tiny toilets, tiny lamps, tiny silverware.  There was a store a few towns over that sold exclusively dollhouse items, and it was like Mecca for me.

I think a large part of what I loved so much about dollhouse miniatures was simply the shock value that you couldn't believe someone would think of some of making them, the more banal the item the more shocking. 

And here this is exactly what I love about this Sweet'N Low miniature is exactly that.  Sure, a tiny tea set is predictable, but a sugar substitute to go along with the tea set?  That's just genius.  Perhaps there is a diabetic in the dollhouse family?  Perhaps they're on a diet? 

Currently being sold on eBay for $2.29.