Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Variety Cafe - Williamsburg: BTYOSNL

Variety Cafe
368 Graham Ave between Conselyea St & Skillman Ave

Look at the wooden drawers used to hold the Splenda and Domino raw sugar packets! Charming! Tres mignon!  But what is missing????

I decided to stop by here on a pretty glamorous Sunday afternoon errands run (99 cents store, liquor store, nail salon aka 3 places I spend most of my paycheck).

I had never been to Café Variety before, but I had a suspicion about it, so I packed a packet of Sweet'N Low from home into my purse. Good thing I did. Let me tell you, with my BYOSNL packet dumped into my latte, it was fantastic. It was exactly the taste sensation I craved, and with the kind of sweetener I'm used to, I was able to tell that this coffee was really delicious.

People have asked me before why I don't carry around my own Sweet'N Low packets just in case. If you've ever had a packet explode in your coat pocket or purse, you will know exactly why I don't. It's disgusting. Plus, I don't see you carrying around your own packets of ketchup in case you happen to go into a MacDonalds, do it?

But then I saw this vintage Sweet 'N Low packet holder on eBay, and I had to get it. The young person inside me shouted, "I love whimsically ironic old knick-knacks!" but the old lady inside said in a nasally voice, "this is pretty practical."

Done and done.

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  1. That is pretty practical. Otherwise the little packets get all crumpled and spill out in your purse.