Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patron Saint of Sweet 'N Low: Regis Philbin

When Sweet 'N Low went on the hunt for a celebrity spokesman, they knew they had to find someone who really spoke to their demographic: senior citizens and people so morbidly obese they can't leave their house and watch lots of daytime television.  So Regis Philbin was the obvious choice.

He did a TV ad spot which doesn't run anymore (and I frustratingly can't find a video of) extolling the virtues of the sweet stuff.  According to the CEO, Reeg was already an avid user, so was a natural pitchman:

“Some of these sweeteners say they taste like sugar,” Philibin says in the spots. "If I wanted my coffee to taste like sugar, I'd use sugar! To me, in my coffee, Sweet'N Low tastes better than sugar! It's got that extra that extra zing of sweetness none of the others have. Its taste is unique and I love it! You can't beat Pink, pal!”
Regis Philbin Endorses Sweet 'N Low (Promo Magazine)

What's funny to me is that Regis is also the spokesman for TD Bank, which is my bank. I never expected to find myself living a life where Regis Philbin is my guiding star, but so be it.

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